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*  The Rock Wall at LifeCenter Plus in Hudson is now open for the 2015-2016 indoor rock climbing season. If you're a newbie you can learn how to climb and what it's all about at our 5-7 PM Tuesday classes starting on November 24 and taking place each Tuesday thereafter for two months. Members of LCP can take the class free of charge. Non-members can pay an $8.00 drop-in fee for each class. Climbing is a super off-season activity to not only burn calories, but it's also a great way to get strong, stay fit...and have fun with your friends! If you're a veteran climber just come on in and try our selection of climbing routes in a very mellow, uncongested environment.  Drop-in fees, classes and punch passes are available to all non-members.  Belay testing will be done on Tuesdays and sometimes upon request. 


* The Indoor cycling season is fast approaching. This will be the third consecutive year  for my Excel In Cycling program at Lifecenter Plus in Hudson.  Again, this is NOT spinning. You bring YOUR bike and stationary trainer to the class. My aim is to improve your cycling technique and skills for outdoor cycling. The consequent cardiovascular workout you'll get is strictly a byproduct of the hard efforts you put in while learning and/or practicing the many drills I offer. Again, these will be Wednesday/Saturday classes each week for three months, December thru February. First class is on Wednesday December 2nd at 6 PM. Check the Indoor Cycling Page for more detailed information. 

* I'll be giving my American Dirt 2015 Presentation at LifeCenter Plus in January of 2016. Time and Date TBD. We'll be providing free adult beverages and pizza. More information to come soon. 

* Now that the summer is over I'm again available to give talks &  presentations to your group, club or school on numerous topics. To browse some of my presentations go to the Multi-Media Presentation page.

* I completed the majority of American Dirt back on 7/30/15, making it from Lewes, DE to Lynndyl, UT in about three months time. Unfortunately we just ran out of time. We will be finishing this trek next May/June of 2016, continuing from UT to the OR coast. Anyway, I'll eventually be updating the American Dirt website to reflect what's been accomplished once I finish sifting through the gigabyte of film & video.  


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