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* We’re teaming up with LifeCenter Plus this year in offering a selection of “Active Adventure Vacations” in the summer and fall. Go to the Regional Trip Page for a full description of the venues along with the trip itineraries. 

                     EIC Wednesday Outdoor cycling workout

*  Wednesday's Client cycling workout  for 4/6, is cancelled tonight because of the weather. Just posted this at 5:20 PM. Sorry but I was hoping this thing would blow over for a bit.     

* If your group or organization is interested in having me give my American Dirt 2015 Presentation, please contact me at pjgladd@aol.com  Take a sneak peak at the presentation with this trailer:


* Our EIC Cycling Camp in Northcentral Pa during the second weekend of April is just about full. We have NO more hotel rooms, but we do have 2 beds open in the cabin. Cost for a cabin spot is $175. Check the Cycling Camp page for more information. 

* I will be attempting to complete the  American Dirt trip this May of 2016. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.   


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