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* Also on the slate for our fall trips are the following: The 200-mile road riding Challenge on 10/3; Black Forest PA Mt biking trip for Newbies on 10/9; Black Forest PA Day-Hiking trip on 10/16; Black Forest PA Mt bike trip for experts on 10/23. Check the Regional Trip page for detailed information.    

 * I completed 4/5 of American Dirt back on 7/30/15, making it from Lewes, DE to Lynndyl, UT in about three months time. Unfortunately we just ran out of time. We will be finishing this trek next May/June of 2016, continuing from UT to the OR coast. Anyway, I'll eventually be updating the American Dirt website to reflect what's been accomplished once I finish sifting through the gigabyte of film to put up.  


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